Our society values knowledge, information and spiritual connection through the mind and head. My experience in numerous cultures and teachings around the world has broadened my perception through quieting the mind (and our cell phones :) and listening to messages of wisdom from our bodies. Much of my practice is very experiential.

My experience comes from a thorough grounding as a mother, teacher, nurse, community organizer, and empathetic listener. Further, an MA in International Relations provided me with a deep respect and perspective for numerous cultures, values, and traditions. And my coaching experience, honed and certified, via Don Miguel’s Toltec teachings, as well as my Peruvian Shamanic apprenticeship and healing practice with the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, have provided me with a wealth of tools to see, help, and bring awareness, healing, and transformation to those with whom I work.

    Uwe - Our secular lives lead us to believe we have to have "credentials", which Nancy has in spades, yet what defines her more clearly is she will always be an open, unrestricted, unfiltered expression of Spirit, a conduit.

I have happily served as a mentor, coach, health advisor and guide over 30 years. In that time, I have counseled families, business professionals, students and children through difficult times, choices, setbacks, and incredible life opportunities. I have also helped the young and the 'older' young to find paths, which connected them to their life's purpose and their souls.

Be ready to try new action modalities, to learn and grow. 

Michael - Heart centered. It always feels like Nancy's intuition and work comes from the heart. She also has a gift for being where the person’s at . . . not judging them .

Rosemary - Nancy has walked the talk. She has lived through and grown through personal pain. She has taken risks, experienced blow-back, and allowed herself to be changed at depth. These aspects make her a guide I can trust.


Kalli - Nancy's first instinct is to listen. There were situations in our youth group when only listening was required, along with moments when she knew to offer wise advice. And this always came from a certain understanding of the individual. Also her hugs make the chaotic world stand still for a moment.